BRIAN A. BERNHARD (Producer/Editor)

Brian A. Bernhard 2012

Brian A. Bernhard 2012

Brian A. Bernhard (Producer/Editor) is an illustrator, animator, performance artist, musician, painter, photographer, documentarian, filmmaker, and NYC EMMY winning television producer. He began his creative life and developed his passion for the art of clown during his high school years, when he landed a part-time job as an entertainer in a fun house, a wax museum and a haunted house. It was the wax museum that contained the circus display and a wax figure of Emmett Kelly as “Weary Willie” that caught his attention and inspired his imagination. He began to perform as a clown inside the hallways and various scenes of both the wax museum and the fun house in order to make the experience for the audience a little more special.

He continued his studies at Virginia Commonwealth University, where he majored in sculpture, minored in painting and earned a BFA for his efforts. His artwork and performance continued to be inspired by elements from the clown world. Eventually, he began to record his odd clown performances on video and created a series of clown video installation work.

Upon graduating, he discovered that it was rather tough to pay bills with video art, so he decided to use the skills he learned while making video projections to land a job in television. He worked for a local television station for a few years before getting up the nerve to move to New York City. After a few years of working his way up through the ranks of an NYC public television station, he had learned enough about storytelling and professional video production to convince the station to allow him to develop his own television series about artists, and “ART or something like it!” was born.

He worked in professional broadcast television for over ten years and won two TELLY awards, garnered four EMMY nominations and one EMMY win for his efforts. After working in the industry for a while, he decided to go back to school and chose a graduate program at Parsons New School for Design. Upon receiving his MFA in design and technology, he wanted to develop a new project dedicated to supporting and inspiring the performing arts world, so he is now focusing his energies on “A Fool’s Idea” and the potential future development of socially and creatively responsible documentary content.

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