Ep. 10 – Gabriela Muñoz – A Fool’s Idea the Podcast

“A Fool’s Idea” – the Podcast, is a more in depth look into the lives of some of the artists, performers, teachers and clowns that we have or will featured in the documentary project.

In this episode we talk with, the wonderful Gabriela Muñoz. With roots in Mexico she travels the world sharing her unique gift of story, physical comedy and clown with men, women and children around the globe.

A few years ago, it was our good fortune that she had time during her travels, to share her thoughts about the clown world on camera for the first season of our documentary series.

It is our good fortune again; that we managed to get her to take a short break from her amazing work in Mexico and bring us up to date with everything she has been doing for the last few years.

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