Ep. 16 – Pippo Crotti – A Fool’s Idea the Podcast

On the podcast today, I managed to have a wonderful talk with Pippo Crotti, the man behind the macho-Italian character in Cirque du Soleil’s Totem. We talk about the mystery web-series he has been making with fellow Totem cast-mates all around the world, getting married and having a child while on tour with the circus, comedy television and life before cirque, unexpectedly becoming a clown,  and understanding constructive criticism.

“A Fool’s Idea” – the Podcast, is an in depth look into the lives of some of the most amazing physical comedians, artists, performers, teachers and clowns around the world.

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  1. Donice says:

    just wanted to conmmet on DAVID HENNESSY for a kid he was GREAT really ..of course I have watched more or DS than we’re at here and with ALL THE CHARACTERS he played wow he’s great..but from what I can get checking on line here he never went any further than DS once it was OVER that was that seems he put it all behind and eventually got married and is running some restaurant has kids too so who knows?? guess he does okay though ..I have never heard of him even going to those reunions either interesting..i think..

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