What is Clown? – A FOOL’S IDEA (S01 – EP01 )

A FOOL’S IDEA – An exploration of clown
Episode #01 “What is Clown?”

This episode is an introduction to the featured clowns as wells as a exploration into the idea of “clown” and what it means to people whom have dedicated their lives to the art form.

A FOOLS IDEA is a new interactive documentary web series that explores the world of clown in a way never experienced before. The first few episodes will set the baseline for the ideas and basic concept of clown, after the first few inspirational episodes, a dialogue will be opened up to the audience. Viewers are encouraged to ask questions about clown, performance, character, or just life in general. Future episodes of the series will be based on YOUR questions, so please be sure to ask them in the comments section of each episode. If there was something about the episode that you are confused about, be sure to ask away!

This series is here to educate YOU about all aspects of clown, so if you want to know something be sure to ask something, and eventually your question may end up featured in an episode, explored and explained through the eyes of a clown.


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Christopher Lueck
Deanna Fleysher
Eric Davis
Jango Edwards
Jef Johnson
John Towsen
Michael Bongar
Zero Boy

Videography by
Brian A. Bernhard

Still Photography by
Jim Moore

Editing by
Brian A. Bernhard

Produced by
Blight Productions

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