Deanna Fleysher



Butt Kapinski is a noir-loving, gender-troubled clown who wears a trenchcoat and a streetlight strapped to his/her back and goes into crowds and solves mysteries. Get it? If not, watch this. Still don’t get it? Get outta here.

Deanna Fleysher is a performer, director and teacher of theatrical comedy without a 4th wall. Inspired by clown, improv comedy, commedia dell’arte and bouffon, she explores the hilarious horror of being human. Her work relies on beautiful accidents, improvisation and collaboration as tools of creation. She has performed at various seedy joints around New York City including Galapagos, Symphony Space, Lincoln Center and many others. She is now in Los Angeles.

Deanna teaches, directs, cultivates and collaborates with 4thwall-less creators. Tear down the wall!

(Bio info from the “Butt Kapinski” website)

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