Gabriela Muñoz


Gabriela Muñoz has a variety of experience in theater, circus and opera. She finished her studies at The School of Physical Theater and the London International School of Performing Arts (LISPA) in London, where she co-founded “Clown Me In”, a clown company with fellow colleague Sabine Choucair from Lebanon ( She has always had a strong interest in working with marginalized communities, and uses theater and clowning as a means of exploring conflict transformation, as much as she likes to play with performers around the world for a more theatrical purpose.

She has performed her most recent creation (Perhaps, perhaps, quizás…) in Mexico City in order to promote the concept of contemporary circus in Mexico and in collaboration with Cirko de Mente and in New York as part of the NY Clown Theater Festival.In 2010, Audrey Crabtree & myself decide to create connect2clowns a collective to further the art form of clown and circus. They plan to start the 1st Clown International Festival in Mexico City for 2012!

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