Adam Zimmerman



Adam Zimmerman – has played his entire life.  His work has been to entertain, perform, make laugh as he lives from the art of clown. His has studied with master clowns Jango Edwards, Jef Johnson, Tom Greder, Francine Cote, Honourable Blas Vilapando, Lib Spry, Ronald Gange, Leon Mcbride, Ian Llyod and many many more have inspired him to do more and see what will happen next.

He is now a teacher, performing artist, actor, comedian, absurdist and student at the University of Ottawa.  He can juggle, sculpt balloons, and breath fire.  At 33 years old, six feet tall, and 150 lbs, we have in this corner the Eccentric Adam.

His skills as a technical director and artistic director support his sense of showmanship and awareness of the audience.  Creatively inclined, he, as a father of two, believes in life because he lives in its presence every single day.

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