Rich Potter



Rich Potter – has performed in 21 different countries, and is still welcome back in most of them. David Letterman called him “Inspirational.” Tipper Gore merely thought he was “Fantastic.” But what better way to describe this veteran of the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus, Disneyland, Renaissance faires, corporate shows, arts festivals, and state & county fairs?

His unique physical comedy combined with an ability to sound like an idiot in nearly a dozen languages has opened doors all over the world (poorly manufactured latches may also be responsible). His 2010 command performances at Barcelona, Spain’s “Cabaret Cabron” inspired him to co-found Washington, DC’s Clown Cabaret.

Rich is a graduate of the Ringling Bros’. Clown College, Avner Eisenberg’s Eccentric Performing course, and Nouveau Clown Institute of Barcelona, Spain.

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