Steven Copeland

Ep. 15 – Steven Copeland – A Fool’s Idea the Podcast

Today’s episode takes us deep into the bowels of the Kelly Miller Circus and directly into the brain of one Steven Copeland, a very loved and respected American circus clown! In fact, so much so, that when we first developed this project and asked people on Facebook about 3 years ago who they would like for us to interview, Steven Copeland was one of the top names requested. However, without a budget, we had no way to gain access to him…that is until we decided to do this podcast. So through the magic of digital communication via the Internet, I bring to you mister Steven Copeland, one half of the “Steve & Ryan” headlining clown duo from the Kelly Miller Circus.

“A Fool’s Idea” – the Podcast, is an in depth look into the lives of some of the most amazing physical comedians, artists, performers, teachers and clowns around the world.

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