Ep. 18 – Aron De Casmaker – A Fool’s Idea the Podcast

On the podcast today, we used our new fangled technology to have a lovely Skype conversation from Riga, Latvia with Aron De Casmaker, one of the featured clowns in the touring company of Cirque du Soleil’s, “Alegria”! We talk about what it’s like to play for different audiences around the world, stage fright, managing a family while on the road, immigration issues, clown philosophy, scary clowns, improvising in the moment, inspiration and creativity. (Please note: This interview was recorded in April of 2013, while Alegria was still on the road).

“A Fool’s Idea” – the Podcast, is an in depth look into the lives of some of the most amazing physical comedians, artists, performers, teachers and clowns around the world.

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