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Guillem Albà – Born into a family dedicated to puppetry, at age six he began to study music (music theory, piano and drums) and later learned to play other instruments like the guitar and accordion. He studied singing with Paul Farrington and Anna Catalan, among others (getting the second level of Voice Craft). Also small theater studies at schools such as Nancy and Tuñon Eòlia, trying different styles and musical theater, text or gesture.

At age 17 he left school and decided to put himself into the theater. He enter himself into the “Theatre Studies” school and learned the practical method Lecoq. He also learned other theater styles, studying courses with people like Eric de Bont, Joan Lluís Bozzo, Sergi Belbel, Christophe Marchand, Colombaioni Carlo, Leo Bassi and Jango Edwards (who later understood perfectly and implemented the first show he created, Sketchofrènia).

He has worked in radio and advertising and has made some contributions to films and television, and Andrew and Toni Buenafuente Clap (TV3). He has been a reporter and contributor to the “Betròpolis” presented by Judith Masco and Oscar Lopez BTV, an actor in “52” for local Catalonia (Ondas 2005) and acted in “Crackòvia” and “Poland” from 2011 (TV3).

Worked as a theater actor-musician in the Titzina Theatre Company with the work “Follie à Deux: Dreams of psychiatric.” And Barcelona Condal Theatre, as an actor in “The Magic of Ki-Kids,” directed by Angel Llàcer. Since 2007 he works as a clown with the Always Drinking Marching Band, touring worldwide.

In 2006 he founded his company, which has created and released three shows. Sketchofrènia, Flirt and Trau. With that he has won several awards including the Audience Award at the Fira de Tarrega and the Special Jury Awards Unnim.

He has also directed shows like “ES3” by the CIA. Trifaldó circus, cabaret different (with seasons in Barcelona) and provided the stage direction for bands like Anna Roig i L’ombre de ton chien.

He is currently a member of the band Maginot Line, which has performed at festivals such as Faraday, FIM Vilaseca or FiraMediterrània Manresa.

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