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Sanjiva Margio – Sanjiva’s passionate love for the Arts and Theatre has taken him to many countries in search of perfecting his skills. His training started in Sicily with fine Arts, sculpture and design at the State Institute of Arts. After migrating to Australia he studied graphic design, film making and photography in Perth . Sanjiva travelled further east to the Sydney Drama Action Centre, training in circus skills, clown, mime, mask, music, singing, dance, movement, story telling, improvisation and Theatre Sports.

Sanjiva later headed back to Europe for specialised training in Commedia Dell’Arte and Comic Theatre at the Stage International Teatro Del Vicolo, focusing on the traditions of continental Europe (Ancient Greek and Rome , the Renaissance, Modern period).

Sanjiva also travelled throughout Asia to continue developing skills in Carnival Traditions, floats, puppets and mask making.

As a sculptor and designer he has created many large Carnival floats, puppets, masks, sets, costumes and props, for the Cinema, Television, outdoor events and theatrical productions. Being a truly multi talented artists, Sanjiva’s skills and abilities also include teaching, directing, group facilitating and professional development in spontaneity and creative thinking.

In 2006 Sanjiva directed “How to Become a Better Person” a successful comedy at the Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts, he also received a nomination from the WA Equity Guild Awards for Best Supporting Actor in the Spare Parts Puppet Theatre production “The Arrival” (Winner of Best Production of the year).  In 2008 he directed “Broom Broom” a theatre production with traditional European Clowning in a modern world that premier at the Wild West Comedy Festival Perth.

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